Vicki Marsh

Head Start Clinics

Vicki Marsh, founder of the the Massage Therapist Business School has been a full-time Sports Massage Therapist for over 11years. She is the host of the Massage Therapists’ Business & Marketing Podcast providing great actionable business advice specifically tailored to massage therapists sharing what her and her students have learnt whilst building their clinics. She now works with passionate therapists providing them clear roadmaps to set up their first clinic and then help them grown sustainable, profitable businesses without compromising on patient care or hitting burnout!

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How to convert patients from promotions to paying full price: The long versus the short sell

Practice Growth Hall: Seminar 3 - Turning your marketing into paying patients doesn’t have to be a dark art. Learn two simple strategies to convert interested patients into paying ones. With real life examples from our Open Clinic Week I show you how to approach your promotions, free workshops and trial appointments to create loyal full price patients by positioning yourself as their top clinic of choice.