Sergio Stelitano

McLaren Applied Technologies

Sergio Stelitano has been a performance coach and personal trainer for over 8 years, with a considerable period spent working with the McLaren Race Team as the lead coach on the performance program. Sergio also works with the NIO Formula E Racing Team through his company SCS Fitness, with this he delivers trackside support for the whole team including the drivers and technical staff. Further, he has also worked with athletes from a range of sports which include; Drivers, Football, Rugby, MMA and Powerlifting, as well as continuing his work with many high net-worth individuals. Follow him on Twitter (@scs_fitness), Instagram (scs_fitness) and/or Linkedin (Sergio Stelitano)

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Improving Performance in Elite Pit Crews

McLaren Applied Technologies is one of three businesses in McLaren Group alongside our Racing and Supercar divisions. We work at the intersection of data, technology and human ingenuity to deliver quantifiable performance advantage from people, processes and systems across four key markets; Motorsport, Automotive, Public Transport and Health. In the field of health, advantage is not just measured in terms of technological advancement, but in its impact upon the human condition – whether that be optimizing performance, identifying the onset of illness earlier, driving better clinical outcomes, and ultimately, even extending life. In this talk Pit crew Performance coach at McLaren Applied Technologies, Sergio Stelitano, will talk about his role pushing the boundaries of the possible to improve pit crew, and ultimately race team performance.