Rita Rozsas

Kinesiology For Sports

Rita was born and raised in Hungary, where she did most of her kinesiology studies. She studied all five branches that was available, and became an instructor of two (Touch for Health and Stress Release). After establishing Kinesiology for Sports, Rita started to work with highly ambitious athletes – marathon runners, football players and handballers. 3 years ago she moved to the UK. Because of her successful work in Hungary, Rita was demanded back as well as working with athletes in the UK. This “dual life” continued until a year ago, when her baby was born and settled in Norwich. Rita used her maternity-leave to help other kinesiologists and was elected to become a board member of the Kinesiology Federation UK. She also set up a research with professional sportsmen to provide data on the improvement of athletes` performance by incorporating kinesiology into their life.
Her mission is to introduce kinesiology as an all-round, gentle, yet powerful method to the professional sport.

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