Pilar Sanchez

Capenergy Medical

Expert in Tecartherapy. She began her activity in the medical-aesthetic machine sector in 1997, as head of the Department of Communication and Marketing at Bioinside Research & Technology Co. In 1986 she started manufacturing the first professional Diathermy machine, marketed for health professionals, physiotherapists and rehabilitators, being pioneer in Spain.

In 2004 she develops the first radiofrequency diathermy equipment denominated TECAR of 2nd Generation. CIM models, standing out the availability of equipments of 4 channels, with capacitive and resistive manual treatments, automatic and mixed treatments, spreading the technology in Spain, France and Italy, Australia and South Africa. In 2014 Capenergy Medical leads a new process of technological innovation to develop TECAR Evolution equipment, surpassing the innovations already made in the previous CIM models, specializing in the application of the medical-sports fields, Urogynecological, Oral and Vascular. The current TECAR Evolution diathermy equipment is applicable for the treatment of soft tissue, hard tissue, tendon and ligament injuries, chronic Prostatitis, Dysmenorrhea and chronic pelvic pain. Capenergy Medical currently has 8 TECAR models: C-50, C-100, C-100 Vascular, C-200, C-300, C-400, C-500 Urogynecological and C-500 Oral, leading the Tecartherapy sector through innovation and specialized technological development. Welcome to the future of TECARTHERAPY!

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Tecartherapy: the secret tool behind the elite sports player

Tecartherapy is a widespread application in the field of physiotherapy and is one of the usual practices in sport clubs used for the rapid recovery of elite athletes. Capenergy Medical, as a manufacturer and leader of TECAR Evolution equipment, thanks to its patented system of automatic treatments as well as the treatment of cross fires combining the power of a capacitive and resistive, favors a much faster recovery in which a stimulus of cell regeneration. In the sports field, Capenergy Medical has its own method of work that affects the clinical approach of the 24/48 hours of any sports injury, helping the sports doctors to have clear their decisions to realize the RTP (Return To Play Decision ). In this presentation, Capenergy Medical will discover the usual practices of various Soccer Clubs, from the knowledge of the injury mechanism to the exposure of new innovations in the field of TECAR ATERMICA with the presentation of clinical cases.