Pauline Allen


The International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) is the Professional Body for Aromatherapists. Established in 1985 as the first Governing Body in Clinical and Holistic Aromatherapy, the charities purpose is the preservation of health and wellbeing by advancing the knowledge, practice of and expertise in Aromatherapy by education, teaching and training. Pauline Allen is the CEO and has been with the IFA for over 20 years, having been in the health and wellbeing industry for more than 30. Pauline works tirelessly to represent the values of the IFA worldwide whilst approving affiliated training schools and courses and also presenting teacher trainings, product and carer training workshops. With a background in Natural Products and a BSc Botany, Pauline combines her longstanding skill and passion as an aromatherapist with teaching accreditations through Lantra and the City & Guilds to continuously develop the field of wellbeing and uphold industry standards.

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The Use and Benefits of Aromatherapy for Rehabilitative Care

A discussion on why the beneficial effect of touch therapies in rehabilitative care can be hugely enhanced with the addition of aromatherapy essential oils, in particular to the provision of passive movement to compensate for the lack of active exercise. The talk will draw on a number of research articles to focus on various aspects of rehabilitative care including pain management, inflammation reduction and oedema with an experiential experience of the specific oils that can be used to target different aspects of the rehabilitative healing journey.