Mark Dunwell

HipTrac UK Limited

As a Masters athlete Mark has been a World Champion sprinter over 60m, 100m and 200m. He has competed all over the world winning many international honours. He is a qualified UKA athletics coach specialising in speed development and a qualified as remedial massage therapist.
Mark has bilateral hip degeneration associated with femoro-acetabular impingement. Following hip preservation surgery, extensive rehabilitation and continuous on-going conservative management of hip OA he shares his knowledge and experience from a patient and practitioner perspective.

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Home Manual Therapy for Patients with Intra-Articular Hip Pathology

Intra-articular hip pathologies such as hip osteoarthritis and FAI have no cures. Most patients are not immediate candidates for surgery, yet can still be greatly limited. Current research demonstrates conservative treatment, including manual therapy and therapeutic exercise, can greatly improve the signs and symptoms of these conditions during this delay. This presentation will focus on home joint and soft tissue mobilization techniques that should be performed by every patient.