M Gabriella Atzori

novel GmbH

Born in Cagliari, Italy (1962). Studied teaching (modern foreign languages) at the University of Cagliari, Italy. PA for novel’s CEO in Munich, Germany, from 1997. Moved in August 1999 to London to operate as distributor for novel GmbH in the UK, with basis at Dulwich Hospital, King’s College Hospital, until August 2004. Relocated in Nottingham, also coordinating customer support for the UK, Ireland, and Italy. Co-organisation of two workshops in Italy, “Diagnostica e gestione evoluta del piede diabetic”, together with Thanner Gmbh, and “Il piede dello sportivo”, with Schein GmbH, both in 2015, hosted by Intimax slr.

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Pedoped® : the portable force platform inside your shoe

The new pedoped® system developed by novel allows to accurately measure the normal ground reaction force statically or dynamically utilizing one to three large sensors covering the entire plantar surface of the foot. The force between the foot and the shoe is accurately measured any time the foot or part of it is making contact with the ground.
Other systems are commercially available: they have smaller, localized pressure sensors with large gaps between measurement areas, causing the total force to be merely an estimation. For rehabilitation or biomechanic applications, in which the distribution of localized loads is not of interest, but rather the total load on the foot is of importance, the new pedoped® system is the optimal solution.