Jonathan Field

Back2Health, Royal College of Chiropractors

Jonathan graduated as a chiropractor in 1987 and has worked in NHS and private practice since. He is actively involved in research, publishing 17 studies predominantly around the management of spinal pain and has recently submitted a PhD thesis on ’Collecting and predicting patient reported outcomes in chiropractic practice’ .
As the senior partner at the Back2Health group of clinics he oversees the provision chiropractic, osteopathic and physiotherapy care to private and NHS patients through Hampshire and West Sussex, Herefordshire and Merseyside.
Jonathan also works for North Hampshire Hospital Foundation Trust as an extended Scope practitioner in their ‘Hampshire Backs Pathway’ where he is responsible for assessing and triaging GP referrals for spinal patients.
He is Chair of the Specialist Pain Faculty at the Royal College of Chiropractors promoting evidence informed care amongst the membership.
The Care Response system he has developed is a pragmatic electronic patient reported outcome and satisfaction (ePROM/PREM) tool designed to help real world clinical practices gather, collate and report PROMs/PREMs with minimal interference with clinic work flow. Care Response is entirely free for clinical use and is supported and promoted by the Royal College of Chiropractors and the European Chiropractic Union with national trials starting Canada and Norway.

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Patients reports of outcome in improving and growing clinical practices

Increasingly the routine collection of patients reports of changes in their outcome and experiences (PROMs/PREMs) with care is being recommended by guidelines and service purchasers. This seminar will report on recent research into the utility of PROM/PREM in improving health outcomes and shared decision making with patients as well as demonstrating and promoting the effectiveness of clinics services.