Jill Woods

Healthcare Practice Marketing Coach

I’m like a born again evangelist when it comes to healthcare practice marketing & mindset development. I’m totally nuts about the combined power of the two. In my book a positive mindset & smart marketing are a winning formula.

I’m a non-practicing podiatrist who worked in marketing & P.R. before going back to University to study podiatry. I ran my own private practice and taught podiatry for 8 years before starting the nomadic life as a military wife.

I struggled for years to find a way to protect my independence and self worth, and make a living, whilst moving house & sometimes continents, every 12 months. After 16 years of trial and error & a lot of learning, I have finally found a business model that helps me help 100’s of health professionals around the world to connect with, and support 1,000’s more patients. I provide marketing & personal development coaching for health professionals to help them grow themselves whilst building a business they love.

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Why Your Practice Marketing isn’t Working & How to Fix it

Many health practitioners are brilliant clinically, but when it comes their marketing they’re shooting in the dark. I’ve worked with 100’s of health professionals over the last 7 years & I’ve learnt why your practice marketing isn’t working. In this session I’m going to show you the 5 key reasons why, and teach you how to fix them so they deliver steady growth in your practice.