Federico Picchetti

Isokinetic London – FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

I’m Federico Picchetti, Sports Physiotherapist graduated in Italy. I’m always be passionate for sports - mainly football, so after my degree in Physiotherapy I graduated in Master in Sports Physiotherapy at University of Pisa and Post-Graduate Degree in Sport Science at University of Florence. For 4 years I studied and I worked at the same time advancing in both activity starting as a Physiotherapist in a Sports Medicine Clinic, then in a Professional Football team. After these experiences. I’ve been employed for 2 years in Isokinetic London FiFA Centre Medical of Excellence - Sports Medicine and Orhopaedic Rehabilitation managing professional and non-professional athletes.

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Motor Learning: a way to reduce Risk of Injury

The end-stage rehabilitation is the most critical time for an athlete. If the athlete return to play without pass specific battery tests, he has higher an higher Risk of re-injury. Nowdays the world of Rehabilitation and Sport Science is moving towards the Injury Prevention. Is it possible to reduce risk of injury? How can we do that? What we should do? Motor leariing can be one approach to work on Injury Prevention. Motor learning is relatively permanent change in the ability to execute a motor skill as a result of practice or experience which can lead to a better quality of sport specific movement