Fanny Swierczek

Casa Pronat – Fisiocrem

From basketball coach and military officer to CrossFit box owner and marketing manager for Fisiocrem Europe, Fanny is a sport enthusiast and a life competitor. She has developed a genuine interest in personal development and improvement, gathering information and tips through her personal and professional experience to help people live a healthy lifestyle.

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Be a #stopinertia advocate - the little aches and pains of starting a physical activity and how you can help your patients prevent them

Not everybody is a born-athlete, high performer and sport fanatic, but no matter the age, the background or the condition, whether it is only once a year for a charity event or if it is a habit that is here to stay, it all relies on the type of experience people will have. To insure physical activity will be a consistent component throughout their life, people need to find it enjoyable. Aches and pains can make or break the healthy habit of incorporating consistent physical activity in one’s life, and the therapist can make a difference on how to nurture patients with good habits, training planning and techniques to avoid injuries and early quitters.