Evan Kuester


Evan Kuester is an advanced applications engineer at 3DSystems. He specializes in design for additive manufacturing and has experience working with projects ranging across all the different 3DSytems printing technologies. Many of the projects range through a variety of fields including, Aerospace, Automotive, Medicine, Architecture, Industrial design, Fashion, Education, and Art. Some of the projects he has designed in the past include; affordable custom prosthetic arms for children with E-nable, Limbitless Solutions, and Intel. As well as the first object to ever be printed from an alien material with 3D Systems and Planetary Resources.

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3D Printing and Prosthesis across species

3D Printing and Prosthesis across species will explore the variety of new prosthesis that have been created in recent years due to advancements in manufacturing technologies. The topics discussed during this seminar will range from creating prothesis and assistive devices for humans and animals alike as well as the software’s and technologies’ that were used to create them.