Dr. Cameron Marshall

Complete Concussion Management Inc.

Dr. Cameron Marshall is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Sports Injury Specialist who holds a Fellowship through the Royal College of Chiropractic Sport Sciences in Canada. He is the founder and current president of Complete Concussion Management Inc., a global network of partnered clinics dedicated to providing evidence- based concussion care. Dr. Marshall’s primary research and clinical practice focuses on evidence-based treatment and management of concussion and post-concussion syndrome. He has been a keynote speaker at several leading concussion conferences and serves as a board member for Brain Injury Canada.

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How to Implement an Effective Concussion Management Program for Therapists

This seminar will explore the evidence around the latest concussion treatments and rehab approaches for healthcare professionals. The current landscape of concussion is rapidly evolving, come learn how rehab professionals and manual therapists have an increasing role in this exciting field.