David Harvey

McLaren Applied Technologies

David Harvey is the Performance Scientist for McLaren Applied Technologies Human Performance Programme. David has over 10 years of extensive industry experience working delivering quantifiable performance advantage across the spectrum of health, wellness and elite sport, working with his team to develop transformative products and solutions.

David completed a Sports degree from the University of Derby in 2006 and a Masters degree from Portsmouth University in Sport Performance in 2009. In 2014 he achieved British Association of Sport & Exercise Science (BASES) accreditation becoming the only UK sport scientist to specialise in Formula 1.

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The physiological challenges and technical insights of working in Formula 1.

The environment that an F1 driver is required to perform in can be very hostile and challenging. Uncompensable heat stress, dehydration, engine noise, cognitive strain and g-force are just a few of the factors which sap the energy and concentration of a driver leading to a decrease in performance.
Collecting physiological data in this hostile environment is equally challenging. Recognising the importance of collecting physiological insights on a driver for performance gains, McLaren Applied Technologies are taking part in the race to monitor a driver for safety and performance needs.
This seminar will dissect some of the challenges of working in motorsport, but offer work around solutions with the technology available today.