Andy Byrne

Triad Health

Andy has been a physio for more than 13 years, and has spent most of his career in private practice. More recently, he managed 15 clinics and more than 100 staff for one of the biggest Physio providers in the UK, responsible for the overall success of the clinics. He founded Triad Health last year with the mission to help Therapists learn, develop and reach their business goals and now provides training and consultancy to individual Therapists and companies focusing on the non-clinical aspects of the profession that are vital for ethical business success.

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Grow Your Business by Making your Patients WANT to Come Back

Practice Growth Hall: Seminar 4 - New patients are like gold dust to any therapy business. You work hard to market your clinic, you spend money on adverts, and time growing your reputation, but what do you do to make sure that you keep hold of those patients? This session will show you how to feel comfortable about re-booking your patients, and creating a list of engaged patients who not only want to come back, but will tell the world about how great your service is! Ethical retention of patients is the key to success!