Alaa Razak

Kensington Podiatry

Alaa qualified in BSc Podiatric Medicine following her first undergraduate degree in BSc Biological science. She has worked in various NHS hospitals; including Finchley Memorial, Barnet General Hospital, West Berkshire Hospital, University Hospital Lewisham and now based at The Nelson Centre under St George’s Hospital.

She has also been in Private Practice for 10 years, and in August 2011 she founded Kensington Podiatry. During this time of working both in NHS and Private Practice, Alaa worked for the College of Podiatry as Private Practice Co-ordinator for London Branch. Following that role she later took the role as Vice Chair of London Branch. In 2009, she began to specialise in MSK/Biomechanics; whilst completing her MSc in Podiatric Surgery. In 2014, she achieved a Podiatric Surgery Passport which led to her role as Staff Podiatrist in Podiatric Surgery. In 2015, she worked as a Student Clinical Educator for University Hospital Lewisham.

Now lead in MSK/Biomechanics for Central London NHS, she is interested in completing further research in Biomechanical compensatory mechanism. Alaa enjoys presenting and has already presented at the College of Podiatry in 2016, the Directorate of Podiatric Surgery in 2017 and at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in 2017.

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