Tor Davies

Trained Physio and Marketing Expert

Tor began her professional life training as a physiotherapist at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, UK. She went on to complete a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Birmingham whilst also achieving a WTA international tennis ranking.

After graduation she trained as a marketeer with a London marketing agency and then moved into medical journalism where her passion for publishing was born. At 27 she established sportEX medicine, a quarterly journal for general practitioners focusing on sport and exercise medicine.
With a passion for technology as well as publishing and sport, Tor''s leadership grew sportEX into the Co-Kinetic journal and website which included a more collaborative, royalty-based form of publishing as well as a wider content remit. As well as the quarterly magazine Co-Kinetic offerings now include e-learning opportunities, breaking clinical research infographics, marketing kits for therapists, business growth tools, and a business discount club.
Tor''s focus is providing resources to help practitioners and therapists develop their businesses and to work more efficiently and effectively, a topic that she speaks regularly on at global conferences.

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How to Generate a Stream of New Clients Without Even Trying

As physical therapists, we are traditionally and notoriously terrible at selling ourselves. After all we’re providing healthcare services and many of us feel uncomfortable charging for them. But our competitors are happy to and if we don’t get with the programme, and quickly, we’ll be the ones who suffer.

In this presentation, I will show you how you generate abundant high quality email leads, drive new visitors to your website, grow your social media following, strengthen relationships with your existing customers and generate new bookings, all without a sales pitch in sight. I’ll even go into the practical ‘how to’ details too. Never has finding new customers been so achievable.