Is Online Therapy Growing?

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Taking at look at whether online therapy in growing in both talking and physical therapy practices.

The answer to this important question is definitely yes, but how relevant is online therapy to your practice?

Online therapy can be applied not just to talking therapies but also to those who practice in physical therapies. In addition to the broad scope of their application and the benefits they can offer to both clients and practitioners, they will only grow in popularity over the next 2 to 5 years.

We asked Private Practice Hub members to tell us about their plans for online therapy in a poll on social media recently. The results were as follows:
•    27% said they already offered online therapy
•    33% said they didn’t offer online therapy, but planned to in the next 12 months
•    40% said they had no plans to offer online therapy

Whilst on the face of it, the results seem to suggest that more people don’t plan to offer online therapy at all but when you add together the people who already offer online therapy and those who plan to offer it in the next 12 months, that far outweighs those who have no plan to offer online therapy.

In addition, the type of therapies offered by the responding therapists may have had a bearing on their response, as those offering talking therapies are more likely to be already offering this service or thinking about implementing it.

But is there an application for online therapy in a physical therapy practice? Absolutely yes, when offered in conjunction with face to face appointments.
For example, when a client is given exercises to complete in between appointments an online session can be used to make sure they are doing their exercises correctly and can also encourage the completion of these exercises too.

Online sessions can be particularly useful to look at a client’s posture and seating position when at home to identify any problem areas.

Adding these online check ins could really help to maximise the benefits to your client’s, whilst taking up less of your time as a therapist.
In talking therapies, there are obvious benefits.

The client gets to complete their sessions with you in their own home, where they feel most comfortable and they don’t have the added hassle of travelling to your practice either.

You’ll also see the benefits of offering online therapy too. Once the session is ended, you can get straight on with your next task, you can be more flexible with the times that you offer your therapy sessions and providing you have good enough broadband, you can work from home too.
Both you and your client can cut down on the dead time before and after your appointments. That makes your client happier and means you can be more productive.

You’ll probably find that many more of your clients will be asking about whether online therapy is available at your practice, so if you’ve not thought about offering online therapy yet, maybe you should?

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