Utilise 2018 Social Media Trends for Your Practice

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Marketing your practice is hard. There have never been more ways to engage with your clients and with factors such as GDPR and new governance on monitoring ads on social media platforms. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a few straightforward ways to engage your followers and increase traffic to your practice website. 

Once deemed the ‘hipster platform’ and ‘Twitter for people who can’t read’, Instagram is now recognised as one of the best social media platforms in which to promote your business and engage with your followers.

2018 is set to see this trend continue, with an added emphasis on the use of Instagram stories, to engage with your audience. With approximately 50 million more people using Instagram stories than Snapchat and predictions of half of all Instagram users using Stories by the end of the year, this is an excellent opportunity to reach more potential clients and engage your current following.

The gap in connectivity with audience between companies that do and do not engage with influencer is also set to increase in 2018. From this, we can predict that influencer marketing strategies may prove more beneficial than traditional marketing strategies in the coming year.

Messaging Platforms
Artificial intelligence, voice assistants and chatbots are all brilliant ways to offer personalised experiences to your clients, via platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp and kik. With social media platforms, such as Facebook, featuring ‘average response time’ prominently on a company page, chatbots can be the crucial difference between people engaging with you pages.

With a predicted rise in the use of live videos, vlogging and live video hangouts in marketing, it may be time that practices make the most of a shift to visual content to promote themselves. Whether you live stream a demo of a technique on Facebook or run a Q & A session through platforms such as Houseparty.

For more information on how to market your practice effective in 2018 and making the most of social media trends, check out the Practice Growth Hall at COPA Series 2018.