Developing a Core Outcome Set for Assessing Interdisciplinary Multimodal Pain Therapy

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Ulrike et al (2017) Has developed a Core Outcome Set, which can be used to measure pain, as to improve the reliability of interdisciplinary multimodal pain therapy.

The current study aimed to develop a uniform criterium of pain measurement, with hopes of standardising and improving the selection of out-come domains and measurement instruments used in clinical trials.

An international, multi professional panel was used to identify a measurement system. The panel was made up of: patient representatives, physicians specialising in pain medicine, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, and methodological researchers and took part in a 3-stage consensus study.

The study was made up of an exploratory systematic review, an online survey to identify important outcome-domains and then a face-to-face consensus meeting to agree on COS domains, and finally another online survey hat established agreement on the definition of the selected domains.

The panel decided that the Core Outcome Set for Interdisciplinary Multimodal Pain Therapy includes: physical activity, pin intensity, emotional wellbeing, pain frequency, satisfaction with social roles and activities, health related quality of life, productivity, and patient’s perception of treatment goal achievement.

The inclusion of physical, mental and social outcomes reflects the biopsychosocial context of the research. Systematic reviews are now in place to identify measurement instruments that are outline with this core outcome set.



Image Source: Pixabay