Occupational Health Problems and Posture

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A study by Gahlot, Mehta and Singh (2017) has reported health problems among female sewing machine operations. Their job requires them to sit in a fixed position, usually hunched over, as to see what they’re sewing.

The study found that the mean working years of participants were 11.91, with mean working hours of 5.74 hours per day of continuous work. Of the 80 participants, 72.5% reported lower back pain, 52.5% reported body ache, and muscle (50%) and joint stiffness (45%). Participants also reported low motivation and frequent bad mood.

The impact that chronic lower back pain has on quality of life is severe. Physical deterioration – in some cases to a point of disability, reduction in quality and quantity of sleep, the break down of interpersonal relationships, and an increased risk of depression are all cited as outcomes of living with pain of this kind (Dueñas et al, 2016).

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