Shoes for Back Pain Relief

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Buying a pair of shoes is something that we all take for granted, until they we have foot or ankle issues, and then it becomes a problem. Some of the reasons for difficulty finding comfortable shoes can be:-

Plantar fasciitis
Morton's neuroma
Osteo arthritis of the ankle and/or feet
Rheumatoid arthritis
Acquired foot deformities, such as from an accident
Hallux limitus/rigidus
Sore knees
Lower back pain

Joya shoes offer a completely different footwear experience, due to the technology of the outsole unit.  These shoes are designed to offer a superb cushioning effect, but with a resilient material, as any material which is too soft will simply 'bottom out' and lose its' support and cushioning.  Joya shoes also offer arch support in the construction, and give forefoot cushioning.

Active shoes make a difference
The positive effect of soft, elastic foundation material on the musculoskeletal system is proven in many studies and has long been used in physiotherapy. The Joya brand has developed a shoe that takes advantage of this principle and enables healthy, muscularly active walking and standing in everyday life. The soft and elastic material of the Joya sole converts a hard and flat floor into a soft and elastic one. In this way, increased demand is again placed on the small supporting and holding muscles, which can lead to relief of the joints and the spine. Moreover, “micro-movements” support the activity of the foot, calf and leg muscles and thus enable active walking and standing. 

Joya Shoes: awarded the AGR quality seal
Swiss comfort shoe manufacturer Joya has received the renowned quality seal of Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. (AGR). The AGR quality seal is only awarded to products that are classified as particularly back-friendly by an independent examination committee that includes experts from various specialist medical fields.

Professor em. Dr. med. Erich Schmitt, a member of the board of the Forum Gesunder Rücken – besser leben e. V. and an expert of the AGR examination committee, says: “The Joya sole concept convinced me of it being back-friendly because a clear functional line can be recognised on the structure of the soles. Thanks to the particularly soft sole structure and the associated cushioning effect, the negative effects of the hard, flat floor are counteracted. The soft characteristics of the Joya soles ensure regulated instability when the heel makes contact with the ground, causing the muscles in the foot, leg and torso areas to be more heavily activated and stimulate posture coordination.” Claudio Minder, Managing Director of Joya Schuhe AG, adds: “The entire Joya shoe range was classified as back-friendly. This is a first for the shoe industry. This also highlights that our development over the past few years has been worth it.” What makes the Swiss comfort shoe so special is the special structure of the soft sole: “It is important to us that everyone feels good in our Joya shoes right from the first step,” explains Joya inventor Karl Müller.





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ShoeMed are delighted to be explaining the benefits of Joya Shoes, and how they have helped many of their customers to walk without pain.  Come along to stand 4059 and try a pair on for yourself!