Clinical study of Laser Acupuncture as an alternative to Traditional Needling

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Following the introduction of low level laser devices from 2001, various studies and applications have been investigated.

Dr Michael Weber (Co-Author of Laser Acupuncture – Successful Treatment Concepts) undertook an investigation on the alternative use of laser therapy with a wide range of illnesses and conditions with the new technology.

Dr Weber’s research was completed using both body and ear acupuncture techniques.  It is generally accepted that triggering a distinct acupuncture point creates a characteristically pleasant De-Qi sensation which is described as a gentle tingling and flowing of warmth into the extremities.  After the treatment patients felt pleasantly relaxed and slightly tired.  In comparison to the use of traditional metal needles for acupuncture, the frequency of reached De-Qi events was significantly higher when using the laser therapy device.  The normal complications in conjunction with metal needle acupuncture are avoided by Laser therapy.  Needle phobia, haematomas, pain and infections are completely ruled out.

Specific conditions and illnesses have been successfully treated in the Orthopaedic field to include:

•    Spinal syndromes
•    Intervertebral prolapsed disk
•    Gonarthritis
•    Coxarthritis
•    Rhizarthritis
•    Periarthritis of the shoulder
•    Epicondylistis humeri radialis
•    Tendonitis
•    Fibromyalgia syndrome
•    Polyarthritic
•    Spondylitis ankylosans

In summary, the study concluded that the laser treatments were without side effects, extremely patient orientated, pleasant and highly effective.  Because laser therapy is more pleasant for the patient with no needle pricking, a greater acceptance of the therapy enables the patient to be far more accepting of the approach.  Paediatric treatments in particular returned far higher success over traditional needling, as the painless treatments ensured that a higher rate of reached De-Qi sensations as well as avoiding the obvious difficulties of needling a younger patient.

Low level laser therapy devices are now on the market.  Scarboroughs are providers of the 3B Scientific laser therapy machines, as recommended by the experts and researchers in this field.  Scarboroughs also provide Laser Therapy handbooks and user training.




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