3TOOL: An aid to assist treating your patients

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Often, health professionals find that some treatments require using different tools to obtain better effects or to enable patients to continue their treatment at home.

3TOOL is an easy-to-use, intuitive tool that can be applied by practitioners and their patients in the clinic and during self-treatment sessions at home. Used under professional supervision, 3TOOL helps with in-clinic treatments and improves the results of home-treatment programmes.

Although simple in appearance, 3TOOL is the outcome of 3 years of research by physiotherapists from San Jorge University and Fisioterapia Valdespartera in collaboration with engineers from the HOWLab group at Zaragoza University, Spain.

This is a polyvalent tool designed for 3 uses, depending on the area which is used. The first area is designed to apply compression upon myofascial trigger points, thanks to the ergonomic grip that provides compression without damaging or tiring the user. The second area is designed to apply muscle massage or for myofascial release. The third area is specifically designed for treatments on the spine, concretely, for both mobilisations and paraspinal massage, as 3TOOL has a cutout to comfortably avoid or decrease contact with the spinous processes.

The design has also considered the various ways that it can be used: in the case of professionals it has an ergonomic grip for the three uses, while in the case of patients, it is designed to be stable during exercises (e.g. when leaning against a wall or the floor).

Although there is a wide variety of tools on the market, many of which are very similar, we invite you to visit us and try it out. Besides its specific design, you will find that the elastomeric material used allows you to feel more as a practitioner compared with other tools. 3TOOL is portable and allows for 3 different uses with the same tool, so it is a good complement to carry with you on the move.

You can find more info on our website and on our YouTube channel. If you would like to try it out, please stop by and visit us at the COPA show.




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