Feel Better in Style with Sockwell

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As health professionals, you’ll often have patients suffering from poor circulation, varicose veins, swollen ankles, deep vein thrombosis and other venous issues that require compression wear. For these patients, you’ll often find that they dislike or refuse to wear compression stockings for a variety of reasons, ranging from discomfort to cosmetic. Sockwell’s graduated compression socks solve these problems by being easy to put on, comfortable and designed to suit almost any fashion sense.

Sockwell graduated compression socks feature triple-zone, graduated compression available in moderate (15-20 mmHg) and firm (20-30 mmHg) to assist veins in getting blood from the legs back to the heart. Your patients will experience improvement in their overall well-being with increased circulation and energy and reduced swelling and fatigue. Sockwell provides compression without constricting the forefoot, allowing for free and comfortable movement, and reinforced toes and heels to protect these vulnerable areas. Some Sockwell styles even provide cushioned soles, and all styles provide support for the arches.

Sockwell graduated compression socks are made from merino wool and bamboo fibres, which provide the ultimate in comfort. These natural materials assist with thermoregulation, so whether it be the dog days of summer or the dead of winter, feet and legs stay at a comfortable temperature. The merino wool and bamboo also draw out excess moisture, aiding with blister and odour resistance, keeping legs and feet fresh and protected, unlike other compression wear made of cotton or nylon. Moreover, you can say goodbye to the boring, medical flesh tones of compression hosiery, as Sockwell features gorgeous colours and designs by Mercedes Marchand, who previously designed hosiery for Ralph Lauren.

Sockwell hasn’t ignored other medical needs of the feet, as they have also developed compression technology to treat plantar fasciitis with their Plantar Ease series of compression socks. These socks provide firm compression to support the plantar fascia and the Achilles tendon. Made from the same natural fibres and gorgeous designs, these socks will soothe and bring relief to this dreadful heel pain whilst maintaining a sense of style.

For your diabetic clients, Sockwell offers a range of Relaxed Fit/Diabetic Friendly socks. These socks feature soft tops and pressure-dispersing cushions for the soles that won’t take up extra room in the shoes. The merino wool and bamboo fibres will provide the soft comfort and protection these sensitive feet need, and the designer look will make none the wiser to all the work these socks perform.

As if there couldn’t be more good news, it gets even better: you can stock Sockwell socks at your practice to help your patients as well as increase your profit margin with a high-quality product that your patients will love wearing and keep coming back for. To see and feel these great socks for yourself and learn more about how to become a Sockwell stockist, stop by and see Lisa and Karl at the ShoeMed stand (4059).