Copa Show blog post 1

As a health professional, you may be frustrated at the effect inadequate footwear is having on a patient’s ability to return to full recovery.  But maybe you just haven’t had a shoe store where you could feel confident that they will both understand a health condition and how it relates to lower limb function and how footwear affects this?

Inadequate footwear can be described as... "a shoe with lack of depth for a foot orthotics, a lack of heel counter support for rear foot stability, a lack of width and depth which is causing forefoot pain, or outsoles which are not cushioned enough for arthritic conditions."

So... when you advise your patient to address their footwear issues and to visit a ShoeMed shop, you can feel very confident that they will have a great experience.  Please ensure that you send them along with the foot and/or ankle orthoses you have prescribed, as we will ensure they fit into the new shoes.  We will measure every customer’s feet and listen to their history to help us to select the most appropriate shoe for their condition.  Feel welcome to write us a written referral also, so that we can correspond back to you if there is any feedback we need to give you.  A written referral is important if you would like to see any footwear adaptions, i.e. medial flare or an outsole raise for a leg length discrepancy.

We do stock ready made, good quality arch and metatarsal supports, so if you think your patient could benefit from these they are available to be fitted into their shoes.

We also keep a written, confidential history of each person’s shoe fitting so that in the future, they can come back to us and we know who referred initially and the footwear which has been purchased.

Would you like to have some leaflets delivered in a dispenser for your practice?  Give your local ShoeMed shop a phone call or contact Lisa at head office on 01789 299103 and we will get this organised for you.