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Many practitioners come to us with a desire to transform their business into a completely paperless environment, our combination of practice management solutions make PPS the obvious choice.

The first step to going paperless is considering and adhering to data protection laws. With electronic records you reduce the potential of data loss; the ability to create back up files, sign off clinical notes and retrace your steps with a time and date stamped audit trail are just some of the tools PPS employs to ensure data integrity. During this transition period you will also be considering what to do with your existing data.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your software or if you’re completely paper based PPS can accommodate. We’re well versed with converting your data or scanning paper documents into your new digital database so that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to your patient records.

Once you’ve taken those first steps, the rest is easy. With a comprehensive appointments diary, clinical notes, billing and KPI reports PPS gives you the tools to manage your practice, your way.

Over the last two decades we have worked closely with thousands of practitioners to ensure that we continue to offer relevant and valuable solutions which allow you to work seamlessly and securely across all of your devices giving you the freedom to practice anywhere, anytime.