Could Soleve Be The New Answer To Opioid Free Treatment Of Back Pain?

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Epidemic Neck and back pain is one of the most prevalent chronic illnesses.

A few facts about back pain :

- 30 million people seek treatment annually

- £54 billion spent each year

- Consumption of drugs is addictive

- Approx. 65% is diagnosed with “non-specific” pain.


What is the Soleve?

The soleve device is a neuromodulator that has been designed to automatically locate peripheral nerve endings relevant for LBP and to deliver high-intensity electrical pulses to these areas has been developed. Using an array of miniature probes, this automated, computer-controlled device is capable of instant impedance scanning of the entire lower back (max scanned area size 20 × 30 cm2) in less than 1 minute. It analyzes the 2- dimensional data based on the measured electrical properties of each finite pixel within the scanned region by using image processing software and algorithms and delivers high- intensity electrical pulses at selected locations.

How Does the Soleve Help?

Active Trigger Points – Pain is characterized
by nerve activity at locations known as Active Trigger Points. Such nerve activity causes changes in the electrical properties of tissue, reflected by a decrease in skin impedance at these locations.

Localized Hyper-Stimulation Analgesia – Dense electrical pulses applied to a small surface area at Active Trigger Points stimulate nerve endings (Αδ fibers) to cause the release of endogenous endorphins and provide highly effective pain relief.

The Technology

Targeted - Using an array of miniature probes coupled into an automated robotic system and a sophisticated electrical measurement & stimulation system, Soleve acquires the electrical properties of multiple points on the patient’s back to generate a two dimensional image of skin impedance.

Soleve image processing helps to analyze the data and to look for the lowest points of electrical impedance for targeting Active Trigger Points’ potential locations.

Hyper-Stimulation – Instantaneously a series of localized, dense electrical pulses are delivered to the targeted points, accelerating the release of our own body’s natural pain killers and provide highly effective pain relief.

Who Can Operate The Soleve?

Soleve can be operated by a trained nurse/therapist with minimal training. Being non-invasive it can be operated in any clinical setting.


Talk to Optimus Medical on stand 945 at the show this June.