New ‘push-pull’ posture T-shirt to launch at COPA Practice Growth Show

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A new, lightweight posture T-shirt that can help prevent back pain and improve sports performance launches at this year’s COPA Practice Growth show, with an exclusive offer for professionals.

Designed by Osteopath Mark Booth, the XPT-11R Spine Align tee uses patented ‘push-pull’ technology, via fabric panels built into the design, to encourage perfect posture in the wearer.  

It can be used to support the care of a wide range of health problems – from addressing bad postural habits such as lower back slumping to more serious issues like disc pressure, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder and impingement syndrome. It can also be used by sports people to enhance performance.

The T-shirt is being launched on stand 1070 at COPA in ExCel, London, from June 15 to June 16, with an exclusive half price marketing and product package aimed at Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapist partners.  

Inventor Mark Booth, an Osteopath for 25 years, said: “We have been working on the BodyPartner Spine Align T-shirt for over three years and designed more than 30 prototypes before perfecting and patenting our final version.” 

“We have carried out pilot sales tests and the demand has been very strong, as have been the results.  People have found it has made a clear difference to back pain and other postural issues.  They have also liked the fact that it is lightweight and can easily be worn underneath ordinary clothing. 

“We have chosen COPA as the ideal show to launch it to professionals so they can see it first hand and meet the team behind it. We also have an exclusive half price introduction offer for anyone who wishes to market and stock it.”

The introductory trade offer is just £150 plus VAT and includes five of the T-shirts which normally retail at £60 each, as well as promotional material.

Added Mark: “It works because people’s bodies adapt to cope with their lifestyle and today that often means long hours spent hunched over a desk which can gradually change your body structure, causing misalignment and pain. The Spine Align T-shirt enhances posture because of our unique ‘push-pull’ technology and we believe it is far superior to any other product currently available.”

Visit Mark and the team on stand 1070 at COPA or contact  us at for further information and to take advantage of the introductory offer.