COPA exhibitor - Salli Systems

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Salli® are exhibiting at this year's COPA Practice Growth Expo - find them on stand #829

Salli® Saddle Chairs – the healthiest work chair

Millions of working days are lost annually all over the world due to back problems. The wrong position of the back and the sitting pressure on muscles and other soft tissues disturb circulation and metabolism and cause problems all over our bodies.

From bad to good position

Ergonomic sitting position is best achieved on an anatomically designed, two-part Salli Saddle Chair. Sitting on Salli automatically creates lordosis in the lower back, which relieves the harmful pressure on the disks, and relieves pain. Because of the gap in the seat the chair never causes uncomfortable pressure on the genital area – and thus there is no need to round the back. The upright posture relaxes neck and shoulder muscles.

Don’t sit, don’t stand – saddle sit!

Salli Saddle Chairs can be used in almost all professions where people need to sit, and also in several where they usually stand. It is ideal for office workers, dentists, doctors, hair dressers, teachers, students, factory workers, cashiers, receptionists, and senior citizens at home. There are a lot of accessories available for special professional needs.

Finnish quality and know-how

Salli Saddle Chairs are handmade in Finland and they have a warranty for ten years. The dynamic seats of Salli Swing and Salli SwingFit follow your movements and help you to keep the back straight. On the dynamic seat it is also easy and fun to exercise and get the circulation and lymphatic flow going in the lower back and legs. Our active research and development during the last 25 years has resulted in the two-part saddle chair that disturbs the bodily functions as little as possible.

Come and meet our professional team at stand 829 this June!

Further information: Export Manager Sari Hintikka-Varis, +50 911 3154,