MT Sport - Vibration Massage Therapy

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MassageTech are exhibiting at the event this June in Elite Sports Performance (running alongside COPA). This is their latest blog written by Hayley Byles.

Last month, we gave Trivelo Bikes, a trusted website providing reviews on triathlon equipment were also having a platform for buying and selling their bikes, an MT Sport to try and we are pleased to say that they had nothing but good things to say in their review of the product.

The team at Trivelo Bikes used the MT Sport to support their winter triathlon training. The range of activities to train for in such an event meant that they needed to use the massager across a variety of both upper and lower body muscles. It was particularly useful in the warm-up phase for the more intensive sessions that the off-season requires. It opens up the muscles and prepares the athletes to launch straight into the demanding activity that triathlon training requires, reducing the risk of injury.

The massager can also provide a solution to the large build-up of lactic acid that athletes so often experience during this type of training. “Over the weeks we have been using the MT Sport we haven’t struggled with any new injuries, which is a good measure for the device,” says Billy Ferguson, Founder of Trivelo. “But equally as important is our continued use of this without any issue and indeed it’s now integral to our workout.”

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