Sleep Ergonomics On Musculoskeletal System



Your mattress is the most significant factor affecting the quality of your sleep. An ideal mattress stretches your body by straightening a poor posture. Additionally it should be designed to support your body by allowing the structures of the spine to rest and rejuvenate during the night.


After a good night’s sleep, we are better prepared to meet the days challenges. If you are constantly tired with a sore back, it may be a sign that your mattress is not supporting your body. Sleep is a body’s chance to recover after a stressful day of activities.  Your muscles and skeletal system, need a well-deserved rest. If the mattress is unsuitable a good position cannot be achieved. A relaxed and well supported body will improve your natural sleep cycle and increase the quality of your sleep.

A mattress should provide the right support for your spine. When the spine is properly supported, the surrounding deep abdominal, back muscles and other body muscle groups allow the muscular systems to relax. In relaxed muscles blood circulates more effectively and the metabolism is boosted. During the day, the spine and the cartilage disks are suppressed. While sleeping, the cartilage disks should get nutrients from the tissue fluids. If the spine is constantly in a poor position, for example; due to an unsuitable mattress, back problems can easily persist.

Due to our unique bodies, only a tailor made mattress provides the best sleep. With a personalised mattress your body is resting in the neutral position benefitting from restorative effects of sleep. On an individualised mattress you can sleep in a position where your backbone does not twist or bend. Sleeping on your side or on your back is recommended. Sleeping on your stomach can lead to back and neck pain since it’s hard to keep your spine in a neutral position. Plus stomach sleepers put pressure on their muscles and joints possibly leading to numbness, tingling, aches, and irritated nerves. Pillows that are too high can cause your neck to bend abnormally, which may result in muscle strain on the neck and shoulders.

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Sleep Specialist Nina Kuulas will present the following topic on Thursday 10th of May, in Theatre 3 at 11.00 am:  Sleep Better – Feel Better. Effects of Sleep Ergonomics on Your Health and Wellbeing

UnikBed – Unikulma’s physiotherapist Nina Kuulas speaks about the effects of quality sleep and sleep ergonomics on your health and wellbeing as well as your musculoskeletal system. She will also discuss points to consider when choosing a pillow and a mattress. Part of the discussion will cover sleeping positions including advantages and disadvantages of each sleeping position.



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