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8 & 9

MAY 2019

Show Dates: 8 & 9 May 2019, ExCeL London
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Cliff Eaton MSc BSc (Hons) MCSP has spent his career working in professional sport at an elite level. This is a competitive environment where success is determined by outcomes. He has published in internationally recognised journals on sport-specific rehabilitation and has co-authored a book on Shockwave in the treatment of MSK disorders. Cliff believes in the three core skills advocated by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists; manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy. He considers combining these into a patient’s recovery and a return to activities of daily living to be essential in providing the best medical care for patients.

“There is a current trend to promote a ‘hands on only’ approach to physical therapy these days” Cliff says. “Many physical therapists I have spoken to cite lack of understanding or the lack of evidence to support the efficacy of using electrotherapy” he continued. “Due to the reduced emphasis placed on electrotherapy at undergraduate level for physiotherapists the former may be unsurprising, human nature being what it is. It will be understandable that newly qualified physiotherapists may be anxious about using electrotherapy; a lack of evidence there is not. There is, however, a lack of awareness and understanding of the relevant literature and that is what we wish to promote on these courses. In this way we aim to ensure that therapists feel confident in using electrotherapy within their treatment paradigms”.

At A Glance

 •  NMES - an adjunct to Expedite Recovery - The benefits of electrotherapy are clinically proven and now recognised by both physiotherapists and doctors working in the field of pain relief and rehabilitation across the world
 •  Shockwave Treatments - Tendinopathies and Beyond - Shockwave therapy is now the gold standard for treating lower limb tendinopathies, but the applications extend far beyond that
 •  Occular-vestibular Kinetic Integration Therapy (Huber 360) - The workshop introduces the importance of ‘Train the Brain’ to promote total rehabilitation and reduce the risk of injury
 •  High Power Laser. - The outcomes of using Low Level Laser Therapy in MSK have been the subject of much debate. The introduction of High Power Laser Therapy addresses many of the objections raised with this modality.

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  • 11.00 - NMES
  • 12.00 - Occular-vestibular Kinetic Integration Therapy (Huber)
  • 14.00 - Why use Shockwave Therapy?
  • 15.00 - High Power Laser


  • 11.00 - High Power Laser
  • 12.00 - Why use Shockwave Therapy?
  • 14.00 - Occular-vestibular Kinetic Integration Therapy (Huber)
  • 15.00 - NMES




Slot Places left
Wednesday 11:00 NMES 6
Wednesday 12:00 Occular-vestibular Kinetic Integration Therapy 4
Wednesday 14:00 Why use Shockwave Therapy? 0
Wednesday 15:00 High Power Laser 9
Thursday 11:00 High Power Laser 4
Thursday 12:00 Why use Shockwave Therapy? 5
Thursday 14:00 Occular-vestibular Kinetic Integration Therapy 11
Thursday 15:00 NMES 8


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