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The Elite system gives licensed practitioners access to the maximum range of scanning options. This is the perfect system for practitioners who need versatility. Whether you`re seeing a client for only a few minutes or giving a significant amount of time and personalized attention, the Elite has everything you need.

Extensive Virtual Item library

The Elite provides you with access to an extensive library containing homeopathy, nosodes, sarcodes, and more. Each library item functions as a Virtual Item in the Elite. These Virtual Items can be accessed and scanned manually, or may be included in specialized automated scans called biosurveys. With full access to the library of Virtual Items, the Elite system allows you to set up your own inventory, organize products into customized categories, and even manage your own library items.

Fully customizable scans and biosurveys

One of the unique benefits of the Elite is that it gives you full customizable control over scans and biosurveys. The Elite allows you to choose how in depth you want to go with clients, and provides a wide range of tools to do so. And for custom scans of your own, the Elite is the only system that allows you to create and save your own automated biosurveys.

Robust standard scan with multiple options

A standard Elite scan allows you to manually select certain Virtual Items to scan as stressors against the body, and then to manually select other Virtual Items as balancers. Finally, you can rescan to see how the selected balancers affect the stressors. The Elite also includes other great features such as adding filters and potency scans.

Full access to ZYTO biosurvey library

The Elite system also provides you with full access to the ZYTO library of biosurveys, which quickly and easily perform automated scans on clients. Along with the various basic scans, you can also choose from advanced, food, and report scans.

The Elite truly gives you full control over the libraries and scans, allowing you to make the best decisions when scanning your clients.

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