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I got my back back! Thank you.

I work in art installation, and some wear and tear on my back from heavy lifting and twisting is to be expected, or was, I should say. As it turns out living with back pain is not something that one has to get used to. In just 4 short sessions, I went from grumpy old man to a happy and energetic old man ;-). Even the kinks, I've gotten used to over the years, disappeared, and I now have to get used to having a healthy back again, it feels great. Do yourself a favour, and let these guys have a look at you, you will not regret it.

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Fantastic practice, sound advice and effective treatment

Previously on visting an osteo for treatment, it's been for 1 session and off I go, only for the issue to return some time later. However, Michael immediately recommend I did a course of treatments and in a few weeks the problem had disappeared and I was able to enjoy my CrossFit sessions pain free. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael and his practice.

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Life changing migraine control

I had severe migraines lasting for days and sometimes 2 plus a month, for about 6 years, affecting my work and social life, despite taking many pain killers. Since seeing Alex a couple of years ago, I can continue with every day life, and the migraines are under control. For almost two years I have been to continue with my daily routine without needing to spend days in bed. It has been life changing

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