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The core philosophy is a belief in serving customers` needs through excellence in product innovation, quality in everything we do, extensive education and training offerings, and development of patient care through committed and dedicated people.

Trulife UK manufacture and distribute orthotics products for patients with neurological deficit. Our manufacturing facilities in Sheffield and Birmingham provide products such as the Matrix family range of carbon and glass fibre composite ankle foot orthoses.

Trulife distribute WalkAide in the UK on behalf of Innovative Neurotronics Inc. The WalkAide System is a functional electrical stimulation (FES) system developed for drop foot. WalkAide is a neuro-prosthetics device that channels functional electrical stimulation to the leg and foot in order to restore typical nerve-to-muscle signals. During the swing phase of walking, the WalkAide electrically stimulates the appropriate muscles that cause ankle dorsiflexion, effectively lifting the foot at the appropriate time. WalkAide is among the most celebrated and highly regarded neuro-prosthetics innovations available today because many people experience immediate and substantial improvement in their walking ability, enabling them to walk faster, further and with less effort. The improvement in the walking pattern reduces the risk of falls and leads people to become more stable and independent in their walking. Other medical benefits of FES may include prevention of muscle disuse or weakness, increased local blood flow, muscle strengthening, and maintained or increased joint range of motion. The WalkAide's unique tilt sensor technology allows the user ease of use in their daily life, in order to get the maximum benefits from FES.

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