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Thermography Scanning

The urge to produce an image of the human body is as old as medicine itself.

Hippocrates the father of medicine stated `should one part of the body be hotter or colder than the rest, then disease is present in that part`.

We believe in the power of visualising your health and actively owning our health.

We offer Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) as a non-invasive, painless, physiological screening technique that demonstrates thermal patterns on the skin that may be indicative of internal dysfunction.

You can use it to assess, monitor and correlate ease and dis-ease in living beings.

The purpose of Thermography Scanning is to offer a risk free approach that uses infrared technology to provide an image of the body`s physiological responses.

Thermography is a high tech screening tool that creates a digital map of your body and temperature patterns-these patterns may show abnormalities that can be indicative of inflammation.

Inflammation is the first sign of degenerative disease, such as arthritis, heart disease , diabetes, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, thyroid issues and other chronic health conditions.

Early detection of this inflammation in your body may help to prevent those conditions from even developing in the first place.

We offer the opportunity for professional practitioners to use Thermography Scanning as a powerful and reassuring adjunctive tool in supporting patients throughout their health journey.

We invite you to have a conversation with us to learn how Thermography Scanning can strengthen your practise in both service excellence and income generation.

Tracy Lomax DOMRO CCT VO Clinic Director

Tracy has spent 30 years in the medical profession, her mission is to provide readily available screening through thermography in assessing early detection of disease and dysfunction in the body.

Tracy is a registered Osteopath and knew that Osteopathy was going to be her chosen career path when, at age 10, she sat in on a treatment her mother was receiving from Michael Power DO. Tracy thought 'he had magic coming out of his finger tips' as her mother miraculously made a full recovery.

Tracy, however, wanted also to work with animals and children, so after she qualified in 1986 she trained at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in Harley street as well as pursuing a course in animal osteopathy, with Anthony Pusey DO and Stuart McGregor DO. This led her to work for one of the top racehorse trainers, Richard Hannon for 5 years.

Tracy set up Huddersfield Osteopathy after selling her clinic in Buckinghamshire and relocating to West Yorkshire. It is Tracy's skill, vast experience, vision and passion for life that drives the wonderful energy which permeates Thermography Scanning, the base organisation for the thermal imaging side of Huddersfield Osteopathy.

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