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Following years of experience in the hospital sector and its knowledge relating to the manufacture of certain specialties, Telic Group has evolved to design a range of products suited to the needs of physiotherapists, high-quality products such as creams and oils for massage therapy, essential oils, cryotherapy and thermotherapy products and treatment products based on natural ingredients.
OXD saw the light as the result of the knowledge and experience acquired in the fields of medicine and physiotherapy by the corporate Telic Group and it has become a brand that is aimed at you, at you the athlete that wants to wager on products that have been developed by and for professionals in their daily care. The quality of OXD products is endorsed by the Telic Group seal of guarantee and by our results that have been contrasted by numerous athletes and physiotherapists that already trust in the brand.
OXD is a brand that has been developed by athletes. We are quite aware of how important it is to correctly recover muscles after a tough training session, as we have also suffered the irritation and chafing that develop when cycling, endured the consequences of not warming-up correctly before a race or the skin burns that follow a day of sports in the outdoors due to not using an adequate product.

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