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Southampton University Neuro-rehabilitation Research Group

This project is a collaboration between Southampton University, Imperial College, The University of Maryland, SMEs (Maddison and Tactiq), Portsmouth and North Bristol NHS Trusts.

Using this system the therapist will set up for a particular patient, placing MMG sensors over muscles of interest and programming a suitable exercise regime. After this initial set-up, which personalises the system, patients (in their own home) follow their prescribed exercise programme; usually two exercise sessions a day. They would normally be advised to put on the garment, with the modules attached, in the morning with the help of a carer if needed. The modules and the laptop/tablet based app will then interact to lead the patient through the exercise routine and give them appropriate and motivating feedback based on their performance of the exercises and tasks. The therapist can use the system to benchmark a patient`s condition at an initial assessment and then track recovery over time. They will review compliance and performance remotely to give the patient on-going support and make adjustments to the exercise regime. The exercises are based on everyday activities and carefully chosen to promote strength and restore function. This system aims to promote patient independence and resilience, helping them to become more involved and in-control of their rehabilitation.

In this NIHR, i4i, funded project we have focused on one application of this technology, upper limb, but intend to develop it to cover lower limb rehab and to become a platform to support a wide range of rehabilitation programmes.

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