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Salli Systems / Easydoing Ltd

Salli Systems is one of the world`s most innovative manufacturers of ergonomic chairs. The Finnish company produces ergonomic divided saddle chairs and multiple accessories, such as height-adjustable tables or arm supports.

The Finnish company Salli Systems is developing a sitting health concept that is currently the healthiest in the world, and it produces related furniture. The concept is based on Salli Saddle chairs, electronically adjustable tables with elbow and wrist support and extensive background knowledge that is used to motivate and train the users to get the most out of this revolutionary concept.

The company has special solutions, directions and accessories for people suffering from different kinds of sitting disorders (SD). The concept can be used in all sedentary work and also in several tasks that have been traditionally performed while standing up. The Salli concept can alleviate well-advanced disorders, such as bad posture and lower back deterioration. Sitting according to the Salli concept is highly recommended for growing children and teenagers in order to avoid typical posture and back problems.

The products of Salli Systems are exported to almost 60 countries. The company is firmly established and is growing rapidly, and it has about 30 full time employees.

Salli Systems produces its saddle chairs for the European market in its production plant in the picturesque village of Rautalampi in Central Finland. The top quality seats are traditionally handmade. The company has a strict quality control system, and each working phase has specified quality criteria it has to meet.

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