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RESILO is a modern, natural holistic therapy based on increasing function of the body. Producing groundbreaking results this unique whole body treatment, consists of detecting and remedying, encompassing all aches and pains, injuries past and present. Accomplished using a gentle wave like motion system through clothing. Under our expert tuition with small classes, RESILO's principle wave-like motion is easily learnt and easily applied within our 6 day courses (3 weekends). We offer a level 1 course which teaches the basics of the therapy where you can then after deliver treatment to friends & family. If you are interested in a career, our level 2 course follows on from level 1 and goes into more depth about the history of the technique and how to handle injuries. After which you can then go onto become a certified RESILO practitioner.
As well as offering these courses, we run a CPD accredited course for therapists looking to broaden their knowledge or learn new therapies to use alongside their own practises. (RESILO works well with many other therapies as because of its such gentleness)
For Therapists who are looking to do our level 1 course we can implement the CPD Accreditation within the weekends of the teaching.

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