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Rehab-Robotics Company Limited

Rehab-Robotics is committed to advance technologies in the rehabilitation profession to help patients achieve maximum recovery outcomes. We are dedicated to provide the integration of robotics into your training activities of daily living, continuous education and professional support.

Our Hand of Hope robotic exoskeleton is a therapeutic device that may help patients regain hand mobility through motor relearning. It detects the patient`s intentions to move the hand using their voluntary EMG signals.

The device processes these signals and delivers them to the Hand Brace providing an assistive function for hand motion with the patient relearning hand function through positive feedback.

Our approach to rehabilitation is that the patient needs to be actively involved, they drive their rehabilitation forward and see the personal gains that can be made using the Hand of Hope. In active mode we use the EMG sensors and calibrate the robotic hand to the patient's very own signals, that allows the patient who has an intention to move to send a signal direct to the Hand of Hope and it will open or grasp for them.

Robotics are becoming more and more common in the enhancement of traditional post-stroke therapies because they provide consistent & precise treatment over longer periods of time.

They can be programmed to perform in different functional modes allowing the therapist varying options in their approach to rehabilitation. Robots can measure and record a range of behaviors in parallel with therapeutic applications which helps to evaluate and track a
patient`s progress.

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