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Precision Sports

Monitor, anticipate and reduce chances of injury before they happen.

PrecisionWEAR is a remote Load and Podiatric-Monitoring Wearable for athletes and active sports people who want to train at their limits but also reduce their risks of muscular injuries or re-injuries. Using the latest in sensor and motion technology, PrecisionWEAR is able to quantify the loads and stresses occurring on the body and how they manifest themselves through Biomechanical and Neuromuscular changes. With PrecisionWEAR, you can capture External Loads such as Total Stress Load, Acceleration/Deceleration profiling and more, then assess `Mechanical and Neuromuscular Changes` such as changes in Running Gait, Stride Changes, Left or Right Side Imbalances, Foot-Strike Waveforms and more. All that data is analysed by PrecisionNET A.I, and reports sent to your Sports Medical Specialist/Physiotherapists, who can manage and intervene on your training and/or rehabilitation, wherever you are.

Who can use the PrecisionWEAR?
Sports Medicine Clinics & Orthopedic Centers: If you're an Athletics Trainer/Physical Therapist, now you can manage your clients either under your supervision or remotely. As a Sports Medicine Specialist, you can manage late-stage rehabilitation and see how your program translates to real-life sporting performance, and/or manage loads and gait mechanics remotely to ensure you know how your clients are performing after retuning back from injury, and how they're being loaded away from your supervision. Manage them wherever they are.

Performance Institutions, Team, Schools/Colleges: As a Strength Coach, you can see how your off-season strength program translates into on-field performance, or monitor their training loads whilst they're away. Usable on multiple athletes, PrecisionWEAR can be used to monitor as many athletes as required. In the case of schools/colleges, Training load overuse has become a key issue at that level. With PrecisionWEAR, you can monitor your athletes across multiple sports and even remotely when outside of your supervision, ensuring you're always managing their ability to handle loads.