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PainPod BioTechnology

As demands for alternatives to the use and abuse of drugs increase, PainPod BioTechnology brings a new generation of devices to natural drug-free pain management, injury recovery and performance benefit for pro-sports, elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts and everyone seeking a pain-free lifestyle.

Ever sInce ancient Greeks used electric fish to treat pain, devices harnessing electrical impulses have been used to improve health and save lives and, as the body of evidence grows, athletes are increasingly embracing bio electrical power to treat injury, improve recovery and increase strength.

When, in 2013, major Pharmaceutical companies announced they were developing miniaturised electronic devices for peripheral nerve stimulation, it marked a steep change in the ascent of electrotherapy to the mainstream and was a major milestone in a string of successes for the fledgling Electroceuticals field.

Unlike the electrical therapies of the past, design of these neuro-modulation devices is being guided by detailed knowledge of neurophysiology and molecular mechanisms.
By combining up to the minute advances in science waveform and micro currents with these latest neurological understandings and advanced engineering technology, PainPod BioTechnology are leading the way with a new generation of ultra wearable devices, proven effective not only to relieve pain but also speed recovery and increase performance.

As demands for alternatives to the use and abuse of drugs increase, the new range of PainPod devices bring natural drug-free pain relief and performance benefit to pro-sports, elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone wanting a pain-free lifestyle.

Painpod may be Australia -born in but we are passionate about sharing the benefits of drug free, bio-friendly healing and pain relief. Like -minded PainPod partners are now popping up all over the globe! We're on a mission to ease world pain so If helping people is your purpose and you want to join us, we love to share.

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