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Pabau Software

abau enables you to manage your staff schedule, patients and capture new leads all from within the same place. Customise Pabau to your clinic to see the benefits of managing all aspects of your aesthetic practice from one piece of software. And for those of you who are just starting out; this is an extremely affordable practice management system.

Pabau for Patients
The entire patient life cycle can be handled through Pabau. This includes medical forms, booking consultations, patient photos, consent forms and of course treatments. Through Pabau you can also measure the loyalty of your patients. This is calculated through the amount of money they have spent in addition to the number of appointments they have had enabling you to recognise or reward patients for their loyalty. Pabau will update and appear in real time; furthermore, you can also cancel and move appointments around using drag and drop features.

Pabau also has an effective recall system, which when activated will set up reminders for when patients may wish to return for more treatments. This will only show up if the patient is not already booked in. This feature allows you to retain good customer service and improves patient retention through increasing future appointments to help maximise your business potential.

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