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This may be your first step into the world of alternative health but we at Magnacare do not believe it will be your last. Whether you decide to use our products or not we hope that by giving sound and credible information about PEMF therapy you will start asking questions about how you can benefit from a system of health that has been around for thousands of years and yet has only just begun to be recognised as a serious and highly beneficial way of improving and maintaining your health.

Magnetic therapy is not a modern discovery. It was widely used by the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Chinese and the Ancient Greeks.In 1773, Franz Mesmer began using magnets for healing. By 1884, about 10,000 physicians in the USA were successfully using various magnetic devices every day for therapeutic purpose. In 1900, a wide variety of therapeutic magnetic devices were offered to the public by Sears and other catalogues and in 1929, two decades after the Pure Food and Drug Act declared bio-magnetic field as unscientific the Nobel Prize was awarded to W. Einthoven for the discovery of the heart`s electrical nature. In the same year Hans Barger discovered the magnetic field of the brain which led to another groundbreaking invention in medicine: The Electroencephalogram or EEG. In 1963 Bale and McFee discovered that the heart produces a magnetic field which is not surprising as electric current always produces a magnetic field.

In the USA doctors applied this discovery and saved lives every day by using the newly discovered Electrocardiogram. The latest discoveries show that each organ in the body has its own electromagnetic field and that this field covers the whole body. In Europe magnetic devices are used by private practices and in hospitals to speed up the healing process and to speed up recovery. We are subjected to magnetic effects in the environment every day of our lives and by our own magnetic energies generated at the cellular level and beyond. A force field of magnetic energy is created whenever a charged particle (e.g. an electron) moves. When billions of these electrons and other charged particles in your body move a multi-potential effect is exerted on you as a biological system. This effect is used by the Magnafield® unit in a positive way to assist in healing.

The Magnafield® Development Background

Numerous types of electro-medical therapy systems for the treatment of injuries and painful conditions both in humans and in animals have been developed over recent years. Amongst these, Magnetic Field therapy has been in use in the medical profession for over 60 years. Recent worldwide research into the effects of magnetic energy on body tissue has resulted in a clearer understanding of how and why magnetism plays such an important role in the balanced operation of every cell in the body. We have natural magnetic emanations from the earth itself at close to 10Hz and the outer orbit Schumann resonance at 7.83 to 7.96Hz both of which have a subtle but important effect on all living matter.

`Pulsed electromagnetic energy at the correct power and frequency mimic the body`s movement and cell recharging providing additional stimulation of what is in essence a natural phenomena`.

September 17 1954

The last 18 years have seen several types of electro-magnetic therapy units come onto the market. Most of these utilise `direct, `uni-directional` or `alternating` modes of operation. All of these types have some benefit and have been used by clinics, hospitals and in the home.

Magnafield®, a patented technology with extensive research and testing behind it, is one of the most advanced and effective units available. It has been successfully used for many conditions and in many different countries since 1987. Magnafield® was successfully trialled in a double blind placebo controlled clinical trial at the Monash University and Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia. The trials that were conducted during 1998-1999 showed conclusively that the Magnafield® was scientifically validate with proof of efficacy in pain relief and the rapid healing of damaged tissue.

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