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Kineto Tech Rehab

re.flex - Recovery made simple.
A wearable solution for orthopaedic physiotherapy

re.flex is a wearable rehabilitation tool that helps physiotherapy clinics and hospitals to enable home rehabilitation as a service for their patients.
Furthermore we help clinics to scale their activity with measurable patients outcomes and provide the same level of quality for a chain of clinics.

- Increase revenue and profit
- No headaches for quality assurance
- Reduce waiting lists
- Expand geographical boundaries in your city
- Win your patients with innovative wearable technology

Currently being tested with over 100 patients in Romania and soon in official pilot tests with large chains of clinics and private hospitals in Germany and UK.
Priced as a monthly service, our mission is to create a cost effective solution for the physiotherapy clinics and hospitals.

The solution is available for knee and hip injuries with 200 exercises with videos.
For the initial pilot partners we are customizing the solution and uploading their current protocol in our app.

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