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MEDICAL QUANT/ GUDARO Med-TECH - We invest in Quantum Medicine (QM).
QM is a novel field in medical treatment applied in many fields of medicine, in particular for pain relief. Quantum Medicine makes use of bio-stimulation of low level electromagnetic radiation - pulsed laser, broadband infra-red, visible light and magnetic.

Company promotes and invests in very sophisticated medical technologies for pain relief in non-invasive treatments. Our equipment is based on synergistic effects of Low Laser, Infra Red, Electromagnetic technologies on the human body - each designed for a particular treatment area.

We research, develop and manufacture medical devices based on high-end technologies for pain relief treatments and fungal infections (Qnychomycosis) of fingernails and toe nails based on Quantum Medicine (QM) and on synergetic effects of 4 energy sources Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), static electro-magnetic fields and Infra Red technologies

Handy Cure's ™ - is medical device for pain relief treatments , based on Quantum Medicine (QM) and Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology used by DC's Chiropractors in USA, Osteopaths, Sport Injuries Therapists, Physiotherapists , Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Rehab/ Elderly Care Centers worldwide.

Handy-Cure's™ is a very affordable and cost-effective LLLT device, powerful medical device (certified CE ), the only one based on the synergetic effects of 4 energy sources:
• LLLT (Cold Laser) +
• Infra Red +
• Static electromagnetic field +
• Red light

science-backed for rheumatic & orthopedic pain relief treatments.

We have 10+ yrs. of Field-Proven results in pain treatments:
• back pain, sciatica, joints pains, ligaments and tendons pains caused by gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis, other rheumatoid conditions
• athletic rehab, sport injuries, muscle strains
• Achilles tendonitis,
• Fibromyalgia,
• golf &tennis elbow pains,
• irritated, inflamed tendons
• body joints pains (carpal tunnel, "frozen" joins/ shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist & heels).


One referral from one US chiro's, one of many in US that are users of the proposed device by Dr. Craig S. Ross, D.C., Developer of Neuro Cranial Integration, CA, USA:

"I use the Handy Cure in my chiropractic office for many different conditions. I have used more powerful lasers, more expensive lasers* -- but the Handy Cure does a fantastic job on my patient's conditions. It is easy to use... so easy that some of my patients have purchased ones for home use. I have 350 doctors in my group and many have purchased the Handy Cure to help even the most difficult patients. Powerful, easy to use and inexpensive is a winning combination".

Cure-Ex- by combining Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and visible blue light in one apparatus, provides a synergic therapeutic effect, which penetrates through the infected nail, targeting fungus spores residing underneath. This enables Cure-Ex to achieve an efficient solution in easing and curing symptoms associated with fungal infection of the nail, both for toenails and for fingernails.

Cure-Ex is portable, cost efficient and easy-to-use device, providing non-invasive medical treatment of nail fungal infections, without the need to use any chemical substances or medicines, pass medical checks or tests.

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