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Functional Fascia

Julian Baker set up Functional fascia in 2010 to address the need for a new, alternative view of anatomy.
A hands-on therapist for over 25 years, Julian founded the European College of
Bowen Studies. He has taught thousands of students the skill of the Bowen
technique, a non-invasive system of fascial release. He is the author of 2 books on
Bowen and fascia and has contributed to 100s of articles about bodywork, fascia,
dissection and the human form.
A popular and sought after speaker, he has presented widely at conferences around
the world and, as well as speaking, is on the organising committee of the British
Fascia Symposium. Since 2006 he has been leading human dissection courses
throughout the UK focusing on the fascia and connective tissue structures, rather
than standard anatomical approaches. From these studies we are able to see that
the traditional way of teaching how and why the body works needs adjustment and a
shift in understanding.
There is a lot of incredible science out there in relation to fascia and some very
important research taking place that will change the way we understand functional
movement. However much of the science is theoretical and complex in its
terminology. The Functional Fascia model is to simplify and make the understanding
of functional movement accessible and easy to understand.
The sole purpose of our dissection process is to deepen the understanding of human
movement, how we get injured or stuck and what happens to our form when we
do. The aim is to benefit others by exploring the tissues that someone has carried around
for many years.

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