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FastForm Medical

FastForm`s advanced custom-fitted fracture orthoses for musculoskeletal treatment, injury prevention and immobilisation, utilize FastForm`s proprietary highly conformable PolyTrexX™ polymer and comfy DermaWick™ liners to deliver superior comfort and enhanced quality of life for patients and athletes from injury right through to recovery.

FastForm is an innovative life science company, focusing on the development and commercialization of superior medical products for healthcare and sports medicine. FastForm's range of custom mouldable lightweight casts, splints and braces ensure a perfect anatomical fit and provide excellent support and immobilization for fracture management, and the treatment of joints and soft tissue injuries. Uniquely, FastForm's durable orthoses are ultra-mouldable, breathable, waterproof, adjustable and multi-functional. This means that FastForm`s orthoses; can be adjusted to compensate for swelling and muscle atrophy, removed easily for limb inspection, range of motion exercises and rehabilitation and reapplied and reused again, - ideal for active athletes.

Physicians can now provide state of the art clinical solutions to active athletes for a better healing experience from injury through to recovery and also benefit from reduced procedures and costs.
Following intensive research and development, product testing, clinical validation and guidance from our influential KOLs in the US, FastForm`s products are now reaching clinics, plaster wards, OT and physiotherapy clinics throughout the US and beyond.

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